Haunted Places in Leeds & district

Hauntings, spectres and other supernatural tales
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Postby petec » Mon 15 Sep, 2008 5:20 pm

not heard of any at Redhill but i know there were plenty at Holywell Wood as it was an old Sand quarry or mine at one time.
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Postby Steve Jones » Mon 15 Sep, 2008 10:40 pm

Holywell Wood was a sand quarry but there are no tunnels there. There are tunnels in the old sandstone mines at Red Hill.The whole area around Holywell Wood has Holy Well legends, Fairy placenames, and ghost stories.
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Postby TenDaysaLoiner » Wed 10 Dec, 2008 1:42 am

Sherburn in Elmet, which is LS25. I grew up in an old house (had been a farmhouse from 18thC onwards but was now in a terrace as other houses got added), on Garden Lane.Many times - in broad daylight - we heard the voice of what sounded like an old man, shouting abuse. In the upstairs of the house. Walls at that point three foot thick and in any case, no male neighbours one one side - on t'other, out at work in the daytime. No elderly males in the house. One week in 1973, we had houseguests and so many we all had to swap round bedrooms. I had to share a bed with a visitor, girl my age and we took what was usually my dad's room whilst he slept downstairs on the sofa Now my own room was spooky - in fact in the older part of the house, and one of the rooms we'd heard the man's voice in the day time. But this was at the back of the house, and a 'brand new' (well 1950s) rebuild, where the old house had been knocked down and rebuilt. In the night, when she was fast asleep, I was suddenly awake and saw an elderly man hovering a couple of foot in the air, sat on a chair, apparently (the chair not visible, nor the close work the man seemed to be doing, in his hands - just him). He was a yard away from me and not solid but made up of pinpricks of coloured light. I remember thinking it was like in a comic, made up of dots. He was that close to me but totally unaware of me. Think I froze for a bit then turned round with such violence I banged my head on the metal headboard. Which convinced me I was no dreaming as I hit myself so hard it would've woke me up. Next day, I had a bruise.I only told dad, not the houseguest as we didn't know them that well at that stage and I thought they'd think I was nuts. (I was 12).Dad said that was interesting as when he'd had the back of the house rebuilt, the floor levels had changed and the man I described floating in the air was at about the original levels.I had no way of knowing that. Only a kid so not into that kind of thing, but it had been done before I was born.A whole 15 years later I met up with the girl I'd shared the room with that night, and we went out for a meal. I had told my husband this story, by now, many times and he knew it word for word!"You'll never guess what," she said "but all those years ago when we stayed at your's that first time and you and me shared your dad's room... I woke up in the night to see an old man hovering in the air, about a yard from the bed....." etc etc. She went on to describe it. She had never told me in case I thought she was nuts. My husband, having heard this story a million times (and probably not believed it) nearly fainted! She described in detail seeing exactly what I had.I don;t know if it was the same night but it was one night in that week or so they stayed.In the 1990s, a group of houseguests were staying -and two separate people on 2 different floors of the house were awoken at 2am by the sound of an abusive elderly man shouting obscenities down in the street and trying to bray in the door. They both lay there rigid with terror and eventually the noise stopped. When they asked in the morning who else had heard it - no-one else had heard a thing. But again, two folk independently had the same experience.Odd thing was - the sound came from not quite where the front door was but somewhere to the left. A couple of years later, dad selling the house had the awful pebbledash ripped off - to reveal the site of an original front door, a little to the left of the existing one. He had lived in the house since the 1950s, but never known that as it was pebbledashed when he bought it.I often wonder if the people who live there now have ever been bothered by the nasty old bloke.My father claimed he never saw or heard a thing but what I find compelling is that the bigger incidents had more than one witness.I'd love to be sceptical but I can't explain it. The house had a reputation of being haunted - people at school used to ask me about 'the old lady' which everyone in the village knew haunted the house. But we never once heard or saw an old lady. Just that vile old man. 30 odd years on but I could still pick him out in an identity parade!
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Re: Haunted Places in Leeds & district

Postby Angmac17 » Fri 27 Oct, 2017 5:31 pm

I have lived in Sherburn in Elmet all my life (49 years) my maiden name was wrigglesworth where in garden lane is the house

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Re: Haunted Places in Leeds & district

Postby Angmac17 » Fri 27 Oct, 2017 5:31 pm

I have lived in Sherburn in Elmet all my life (49 years) my maiden name was wrigglesworth where in garden lane is the house
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Re: Haunted Places in Leeds & district

Postby MrsG1 » Thu 21 Jun, 2018 11:11 pm

Excuse the long story 8-)
When we moved home last August (grade 2 listed, almost 200years old) in woodlesford, I thought as a believer that we must have a ghost.couple of things happened (lights and tv switched on in the night) but I didn’t mind, I accepted it as part of our new home. after a couple of months, once every week or so I started waking up in the early hours to a noise on the stairs - a light banging sound on wooden stairs, few seconds between each one, longer pause (turn right and up another 5 stairs), few seconds of nothing (carpet) then our bedroom door flying open. Told husband (total non believer) he said it was heating/air circulating round the house etc. Wasn’t til December time when it happened that i felt scared and froze, when the bedroom door opened I shouted stop it, it’s our house now. Husband heard it all..still said heating etc. So I had decided for some reason it was an old man with a walking stick, don’t know why.

Anyhoo..heard nothing since, couple of incidents but felt at peace, like we had a mutual understanding. In April we went to our local, and a guy we know was talking to a woman from Cas and was getting a bit agitated as she was telling him things about his mum who passed away a few years ago.to divert the situation I asked her to tell the ghost in my house to stop messing about on the stairs, she said oh yeah you live in a old house don’t you.I sceptically thought that was perhaps a leading question, got served at the bar and went to our friends. After the 4th time of her coming over and asking me why I thought it was an old man, i asked her to tell me what she needed to. She said it was a girl bouncing a ball,because she didn’t want us to turn her playroom into an office! When we’d moved in we discussed at great lengths about what to do first..decided on lounge, spare room to be an office for husband who had just started a new job where he would work from home, then kitchen. And the last time I’d heard the noises was the day after the hardwood flooring was put in, which completed the room.

I asked why I hadn’t heard from her for a while and she said because she actually quite liked it, and plus I also told her to go away, and this then freaked me out so I made my excuses and went away, she was gone not long after.

I think at some point I would like to have a similar conversation with someone, just wasn’t the right time or place. Only husband in the pub who knew my story, nobody else in the pub had seen her before or since, and I was sober enough to remember the conversation, verified a week later by the barmaid. Wish I’d asked the previous owners of their experiences but didn’t want to scare our 11year old daughter- people have told us about doors slamming shut etc. I’ve seen many clairvoyants over the years and truly believe that if you let it then the other side will come through to you so listen and embrace it,

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