Likely local flooding (Dec 26 2015).

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Re: Likely local flooding (Dec 26 2015).

Postby volvojack » Mon 08 Oct, 2018 4:57 pm

[quote="Brunel"]WATER SPA.
Just had a letter from my Volvo garage P. and R. Cars, Burley Place to say that after 39 years of trading they are to retire and in their words "Hang up our Spanners" I have been a customer of there's for just under that time and have always received the finest treatment as to regarding my cars.
Although they could not be far off retirement age the last few years have been a nightmare for them. the Floods of 2015 on Kirkstall Road meant that the waters had swept through their premises and not only ruined some cars that were stored there but also quite an amount of equipment was damaged.
Fortunately the Company acquirraring their premises Leeds Motor Co. are well established are simply looking to extend their business to so everything seems to be ending on a reasonably bright note. I can only add that that in over 60 years of driving i have never had such good treatment from a Garage.
All the very best to you Peter and Bob
I know that anyone in the Kirkstall Road area had it rough but as P.and R. are behind the Shell Garage and on a slight slope the water came up to about 5ft. to add to that it was on a Christmas Bank Holiday.
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Re: Likely local flooding (Dec 26 2015).

Postby iansmithofotley » Mon 08 Oct, 2018 7:37 pm

Hi Jack,

My previous car was a Volvo 240 Estate, which I had until 2005 when I changed to a Volkswagen. I had the Volvo for sixteen years (1989 - 2005) and P & R did all of my servicing and repairs. As you say, the service was excellent for all of the time that I used them. I sold the Volvo in 2005. I had just paid £350 for a service and MOT and I couldn't sell it. In the end I got £200 for it. I have not seen Pete or Bob since 2005 but I wish them well in their retirement.

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Re: Likely local flooding (Dec 26 2015).

Postby volvojack » Tue 09 Oct, 2018 5:09 pm

Hello there Ian,
I also had the 240 Estate throughout the many years of owning them. The first one was brand new from Lex Brooklands but i realised that was a mugs game when seeing the Army of men on the Service dept all wearing matching blazers, ties and trousers.I was helping to pay their wages and they are not mechanics.
as soon as the first year warranty was out it was over to P.and R, for a long and happy relationship (They were based in Copley Hill at that time).
From then on i used to buy my Volvos whenever a bargain raised its head. The best ever was one year when we
where over from Spain for 2 months and came up to Leeds, it was a Bank Holiday and my Wife went into the garage to pay for petrol. She had brought out with her the local Free paper. (Wakefield area) on the way she remarked about an ad. for Volvo estate, not very old and one owner. we rang to see if it was sold and the man replied No as the Advert had only been shown the day before. He explained the low mileage due to the owner, his Father in Law works for the railway and so gets many concessions the vehicle hardly gets used. The price was £1,600. after a couple of visits to the cash point we were on our way.
The address was in a long cul de sac. and there was not a lot of places to park. Driving up i could see the rear of the blue Estate just protruding out. I remarked to my wife "If the front is like the rear we are not leavin without it". I looked under the Bonnet and inside the Petrol cap holder to make sure it was not a respray and then took it out for a short spin.
Everything was as described so we settled on £1,500 and the following day to it into "The Lads" they gave it the onceover and Peter took it over some rocky back streets in Bramley the agreed i had got a bargain, A customer standing by offered me £2,000 but as it was a low mileage, immaculate lovely shade of blue i would not sell.
I had many happy years motoring with the Volvo and would still today but have given up driving.

Nowadays i am been taxied about by the Wife in the motor of her choice, its a Honda Jazz which she loves (it's bloody tin can and you feel every bump in the Road)
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Re: Likely local flooding (Dec 26 2015).

Postby Cardiarms » Thu 11 Oct, 2018 3:10 pm

I had a two geriatric volvos, a 1989 740 and a 1994 940. Sadly the latter was written off a couple of years ago when I was shunted under a Volvo 4x4. Used P&R for both of them and nearly bought another because of the quality of service they offered. Wish them well in their retirement.

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