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Postby harrym1byt » Wed 05 Dec, 2018 5:21 pm

Ro-Man wrote:Basher wrote: As for Eccup resovoir, I did a google earth search and an interesting location came up. Having walked around Eccup reservior hundreds of times, I take it this location is not accessible from the public areas?For what it's worth here's my take on it:1. It's either part of the secure treatment works, which are quite a way from the reservoir itelf. Or the treatment works have been mistaken for something a bit more sinister, as they do have a military look to them.

I helped install some fancy large pumps at Eccup, in the early 1980's - three pump sets, variable speed, vertical, with long drive shafts. They were installed in an old large circular stone building, which went deep underground, not much of it was above ground and it was adjacent to the reservoir. From memory it pumped out of the resevoir to feed Leeds down Otley Road, after treatment.

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