Through by light on Rosebank

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Postby Jogon » Mon 22 Jul, 2013 7:34 am

9415th November 1967 On the left of the image are four terraced houses of five stories creating split level residences due to height differences between Rosebank View and Rosebank Road. The lower floors form four blind back terraced houses on Rosebank View numbered 17 to 23. On the right is an embankment with brick buttress supports demonstrating the height differences between the two roads.9915th November 1967 On the left is an embankment with brick buttress supports demonstrating the height difference between Rosebank Road at the top and Rosebank View at the bottom. On the right are numbers 29 and 31 Rosebank View, two blind back terraces with a shared outside toilet block on the far right. A woman hangs out washing on lines stretched across the street. Above numbers 29 and 31 can be seen the rear of a large through by light residence on Rosebank Row numbered 1.Looking up at Rosebank from Rillbank Stnow, up to Rosebank from Rillbank from Rosebank
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Re: Through by light on Rosebank

Postby The Parksider » Sun 24 Mar, 2019 4:36 pm

My word, it's been years since we looked back at Rosebank and the old houses on the steep hill

Having looked at this again on here and on leodis I have worked out that the three larger butresses in the two 1967 pictures appear to be later additions to the wall. In the leodis pictures is an earlier shot of the street(Rosebank view no's 25 & 27) where a four story building was situated where the three butresses are and the 1944 pictures are taken I think because the building collapsed. Possibly bomb damage, however the building looks to be undamaged with the only signs of a problem being large wooden props..

In sorting out the issue two brick buildings have been built in the road for what purpose I dunno ... ifier=5780

Any builders suggest the problem and purpose of the small brick buildings?
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Re: Through by light on Rosebank

Postby warringtonrhino » Sun 24 Mar, 2019 11:02 pm

I think this is what happened
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