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Postby ifunewsusie » Fri 04 Dec, 2009 6:10 am

Hi,Like many people, I,m researching my family history, and just happened to find a link to this great site, which was discussing the old Green Man pub.I found a relative, searching for one of the former licencees, namely SQUIRE BAILEY, (In 1901) who was also my relative. It would be great if they read this and contact me please, or anyone else who might have some info.Thanks very much.
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Not a lot of help but.1908 kelly's DirectoryGreen Man Inn77 Church StreetHunsletSquire Bailey Still there in the 1911 Census
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lexipaul (User) Posted on: 27-Jul-2007 15:10:37. Linie wrote: My Great Grandma used to talk about the Green Man Public House in Hunslet.04/12/09Hi 'Uncle Mick', and thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Below is a thread from another member of 'SecretLeeds', posted on this site in 2007. That is how I came across this site and the info relating to my ancestor. If I could trace the member, we might be able to help one another.Thanks again,Susie(quote)My Mum remembers her talking about a race track or trotting track behind the pub. Looked on Leodis but doesn't mention anything.Can anyone shead any light on it Thanks My great great great grandad ran it until God knows when. His name was Squire Bailey, his wife was Clara Eleanor Bailey nee Simpson. It was called the Green Man Hotel in the photo I have from around 1925. He shows as being there from the 1901 census records but wasn't there in 1891 so somewhere in those ten years he took it over. They had 5 children, Lily Sophia Jane Bailey, Eleanor Beatrice Bailey, William Simpson Bailey, May Simpson Bailey and Harry Simpson Bailey.Any help you could give me about these members of family would be great!! (unquote)    
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Theres an interesting picture, from the 1950s when the pub had been turned into a cafe, and some interesting comments here ... SPLAY=FULL
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