Christmas past.

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Christmas past.

Postby jgl1954 » Fri 15 Dec, 2017 4:37 pm

I have in my possession a ledger dating from 1892 to 1987 listing the Christmas presents that my wife's great grandad and subsequent relatives gave to their customers. In 1892 it includes a barrel of apples, cigars, turkeys and geese,bottles of spirits and cash.
During WW1 there's mainly cigs, and during WW2 it is almost all tobacco of some sort, which I'd have thought would have been difficult to get unless they'd saved their coupons all year.
By the 1960's it's mainly sherry or whisky and by the 80's it's been cut down to whisky for a few better customers.
It's strange to imagine those long gone people scurrying around Victorian Leeds buying barrels of apples etc.

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