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Postby LS1 » Fri 10 Aug, 2007 1:23 pm

I was having a hunt around the internet and the local book stores, and it strikes me that there is very little in the way of film of old Leeds.

I have a copy of the Leeds Trams DVD which has some good shots of the city, but is of course mostly focused on... trams! I also have some cine film that I purchased of the old post office in Wellington Street as it was just being built inthe 1970's ( that didn't last long!) with some views of Albion Place etc.

As I am an avid cine collector I was wondering if anyone had any old films, or knew of anybody with old family film that features parts of Leeds. I am wanting to restore this film and transfer to a DVD so as it can be kept for posterity. There is only so much that you can get from a photo!

If anyone has anything on 16mm, 8mm or 9.5mm (or indeed video) of bygone leeds I would love to hear from you. I would of course pay for the privilige of using the film, and provide DVD copies of the orginals.

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