May 1985 the Clash busking in Leeds

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Postby Jimmyv » Tue 22 Apr, 2014 2:32 pm

Tasa wrote:
Jogon wrote:
I thought I closed this? It's back.

Has someone got a shoe box of photos. Too early for mobile phone footage.

Where was this photo taken? S'posed to be Royal Park but don't recall that part of it?

Yes, that's definitely the back terrace and garden of the Royal Park. I'm not sure if the terrace is still there as I haven't been there for years, but there are now flats built where the garden was.

thats the back garden at the Royal Park

the gig was organised by The Magnificent Seven who put benefit gigs on and invited local talent to play. The Clash just turned up and asked to play.

i think there were 100 bands on that day
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Re: May 1985 the Clash busking in Leeds

Postby tnimbus » Sat 08 Apr, 2017 10:28 am

I was cramming for my 2nd year Biochemistry exams in an attic room in Queens Road when I heard these guys walking down the road strumming guitars and looked out the window. Saw some guys heading towards the Royal Park and I went back to cramming & didn't go down the boozer that night.

The pictures above are definitely the back of the Royal Park.

Friends of mine were down there and one of them Donna, pinched Strummer's arse. The University Student paper ran a bit on it and I remember seeing the photos in it - maybe they keep a record....

They stayed with friends of a friend Martin. Story was that Strummer was so hard to get on with he was 'moved' around quite a bit as no one could spend any time with him.

Glad this is on here otherwise I don't think people would believe me when I recall the story.

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