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Re: Spam Posts

Postby tyke bhoy » Mon 08 Oct, 2018 8:59 am

blackprince wrote:Hi,
There is a another suspicious post "Strange underground door" from a user name in Cyrillic. The user name translates as "Hello". It has had 70 views and one member trying to be helpful has replied.

Can we not save ourselves from these nuisance posts by blocking any which contain Cyrillic alphabet characters ?
Spasibo Tovarisch

Hi Black Prince,
unfortunately we can't be as broad brushed as that. I do have the ability to ban specific IP addresses and when cleaning up the Spam I am sorely tempted to do so. However on checking some of the recent spam it turns out the adrress is an Internet Project in Bangalore. I wouldn't want to prevent ex-pats, visitors or genuinely interested residents living in Bangalore from posting by banning what may be their Internet Service Provider.

I have looked up the IP address the new poster registered from and it turns out to belong to Virgin Media which suggests UK based although it is possible to use redirects to mask the original. There is no signature , yet, to include a hypelink and the two posts so far seem to be genuine with no spam content. So despite a slightly suspicious/unusual username I am unable/unwilling to act unless there is evidence of misuse of the site. This may be the post of someone from eastern/south eastern europe who just happens to be residing in Leeds and showing interest in their location.

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Re: Spam Posts

Postby blackprince » Mon 08 Oct, 2018 9:23 am

Thanks for giving this your consideration tykebhoy. The Cyrillic "monica" on the post raised some alarm bells with me, given previous spam posts in the same language, but agree the current post does seem to be innocuous.

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