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Silly Alan. 1940s.

Posted: Sat 30 Jan, 2016 2:03 pm
by volvojack
During the 1940s I lived on the Gipton Estate and in the summer months there used to be an Adult (age ?) who ran along South Farm Road and Wykebeck Valley Road Backwards. he used to do this quite regularly and as one can imagine although there were no cars around he caused quite a stir. all us kids used to turn out to watch him and dogs would chase him. as he always carried a stick some animals got quite a blow if they ventured too near him. I don't remember that anyone ever heard him speak
It was said he lived in a house on a hill up Halton way but all I do know is that he did not live on the Estate.
I wonder if there is anything recorded about this poor chap, he was always referred to as "Silly Alan"

Re: Silly Alan. 1940s.

Posted: Sat 30 Jan, 2016 4:42 pm
by Geordie-exile
The YEP did a little feature of memories of Silly Alan. ... -1-2074486

Re: Silly Alan. 1940s.

Posted: Sat 30 Jan, 2016 6:02 pm
by volvojack
Thank you for that info. I had forgotten about him wearing a school boy type cap and the fact that he used to point his stick as if it were a gun. don't actually remember him shouting out but then again it was a long time ago.