Leodis Grocer's Shop Photo Can You help

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Re: Leodis Grocer's Shop Photo Can You help

Postby volvojack » Tue 06 Jun, 2017 8:27 am

Looking at the other signs displayed different from a Greengocer / Florist may be this Shop was originally a Tobacconists, General Grocers.,
Still think this photo is from the 30s / 1940s.
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Re: Leodis Grocer's Shop Photo Can You help

Postby blackprince » Fri 23 Jun, 2017 8:38 pm

I passed on the details of this thread to Leodis and received this reply

Thank you for your help in trying to solve this puzzle; please pass on my thanks to members of the Secret Leeds website who have helped as well.
I am sorry to say I am not sure that the photo shows 377 Harehills Lane.  Although I wouldn’t rule it out entirely, I do not see any great similarity between the doorways and the flights of steps. Also, if you look at image 2002125_49152774 which shows Gilchrists in 2000, you will see that the door was on the other side at the time and there were no steps outside!
I doubt that there is any connection to the Woodcock’s grocers chain.  The photo was sent in with a number of family photographs, mostly just showing individuals or of too poor quality to go on the website, and there is no other mention of Woodcock’s grocers.  The family appear to be that of Benjamin and Harriet who are shown on image 2017512_176120 and I suspect A. Woodcock may be their son Arthur though I cannot be certain of this.  There is an Arthur Woodcock listed at 144 Hyde Park Road in a 1940 directory but it does not seem to fit in with the image of that address now on Google Maps.  Again, I’m not sure that the family mentioned in the comments is the same family but there may be a connection somewhere.
So I think all we can really say at the moment is that the photo was taken after 1924 as one of your members pointed out, and that it is probably in Leeds though not absolutely certain.  If you or any other members of Secret Leeds come up with any other ideas do let me know, or put a comment up on our website about it.
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