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Johnson and Pearson families, Holbeck

PostedCOLON Sun 05 Mar, 2017 12:48 pm
by RebekahSmith
My great great grandmother was selina brooks born 1875 in hunslet to Elizabeth brooks and William Pearson (unmarried, as William was separated from wife Ann Shellam). Selina married John Johnson in Armley in 1894 and they moved to Wortley, where most of their children were born, then Chapeltown. I'm not researching the brooks on this site as they were from London and previously Devon, but anyone in Yorkshire connected to the Pearsons or johnsons. William Pearsons parents were selina and James.

Re: Johnson and Pearson families, Holbeck

PostedCOLON Mon 06 Mar, 2017 9:24 pm
by iansmithofotley
Hi Rebekah,

I did a bit of research on Ancestry last night and found that Selina Harriet Johnson was buried at Beckett Street Cemetery, Leeds, on 12th March 1912. The home address shown was 16 Sheepscar Street, Leeds (the 1911 Census states 16 Sheepscar Terrace).

There are quite a few Family Trees (at least seven), on Ancestry, for John Johnson. I don't know how far you have got, if you are researching your whole Family History, or how you are doing it (online, Ancestry, Find My Past, etc., or by other methods). So far as relates to the Pearsons, Shellams, etc., I came across some marriages and census records but it is difficult to do without further information about where they were from and when. Harry Johnson and John Johnson both had big families (at least eight children) and it would be a very big job to research the families properly.

There is a website called 'Curious Fox' that you could try for information. It costs £5.50p per year to join and the details are:

I used it myself, a few years ago, and got a lot of useful information,

I hope that this helps. If I get any further details, then I will come back to you.