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Romany Rose
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Postby Romany Rose » Fri 17 Jan, 2014 5:07 pm

I am the 3x gt niece of John Mayhall born 16/10/1830 he married Elizabeth Johnson @ St Peters Leeds 19/5/1856,he died at his home Rose Villa,Scotland Lane,Horsforth, 7/6/1886.

John was famous for writing several books ,the most noted one being The Annals of Yorkshire
according to his obit in the Leeds Mercury
John was employed has a lad at Messrs Marshalls,flaxmill at Holbeck ,then at William Ovens cloth finishing mill at Bean-ing Wellington Street.
At 16 he worked for Mr T W Smith ,solicitor of Bank St Leeds,at the age of 23 he obtained work has a junior clerk at the Leeds County Court,3 years later he was promoted to chief cashier and chief clerk,in 1865 he accepted the post of High Bailiff/Sherrif of the court,and held this position until his death.

In 1870 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Historical Society in 1870
was also involved with the Leeds Infirmary,and the Mechanics Institute
and for 19 years was a member of the board of directors of the Leeds Permanant Building Society

He is buried in Lawnwood Cemetery
Please,please may I have some help in locating a picture of him??
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Steve Jones
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Postby Steve Jones » Sun 19 Jan, 2014 2:27 pm

What a great ancester to have!
I have used his annals of Yorkshire many times and recommended them.
I will see if I can locate a picture.
Steve Jones
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Postby grumpytramp » Mon 20 Jan, 2014 6:38 pm

As John Mayhall had been a Director of the Leeds Permanent it is always possible that there may be corporate potraits of him (photos, sketches or even a painting?) therefore it could be worth contacting the archives of of Lloyds Banking Group


Might be worth contacting the curators of Leeds Museums & Galleries too
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Postby Johnny39 » Mon 20 Jan, 2014 7:03 pm

R.R. have you tried Googling "John Mayhall of Leeds"? I just did and it came up with some interesting results. It may be worth a try.
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Romany Rose
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Postby Romany Rose » Mon 20 Jan, 2014 7:24 pm

To everyone,thank you for your offers of help and the suggetions to
I have contacted Leeds c/council who have informed me that it may be possible that they do have a portrait of John-but that it would be impossible to know for sure has when the portraits were removed for building repairs many lost their name plates
Romany Rose
Romany Rose
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Postby Romany Rose » Mon 20 Jan, 2014 7:29 pm

message for Johnny
Thanks for the tip
with regards to Googling him
Through this method over the years I have collected some wonderful items about him and have also found the google newspaper archives(free) and when looking up John in The Leeds Mercury -found 1 of an attempt to `blow him up in court¬
Romany Rosex

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