Ring O'Bells pub Otley

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Ring O'Bells pub Otley

Postby Mags74 » Thu 22 Jun, 2017 6:42 pm

Just wondering if anyone knows any thing about the landlady Daisy Maloney who ran the Ring O' Bells pub around the 1950's / 60's
or anything about her family?
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Re: Ring O'Bells pub Otley

Postby buffaloskinner » Fri 23 Jun, 2017 9:34 am

Maybe not a lot of help but this is taken from this link on Secret Leeds about Otley Pubs

http://www.secretleeds.com/viewtopic.ph ... 2&start=10 page 2

Postby BLAKEY » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:58 pm

Seems a long long time now since I worked and socialised in Otley (1957 - 67) and I well remember a kindly landlady who had the Ring o' Bells in those days. She was always dressed in black and wore a resigned and sorrowful expression, but she was kindly and very civil - her name was Daisy Maloney (No she wasn't Swedish) and we loved her.

Only reference I can find to a Daisy M Maloney who died 1961. Registration Area Bradford.
This may of course not be the correct one. If you have any further info that may help please post it.
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Re: Ring O'Bells pub Otley

Postby Mags74 » Fri 23 Jun, 2017 7:31 pm

Thanks for that. I don't really have much info. Daisy Maloney was married to James (Jim) Maloney. Don't know if they got married in England. They both came from Co. Mayo in Ireland. As far as I know they had 2 sons. One died as a young child (don't know his name) the other was called Seamus and I think could have died around 1966. He may have been in the army or navy? Jim Maloney was a male nurse maybe in a Psychiatric hospital. He moved back to Ireland and died in 1979.

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