TV contract

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TV contract

Postby Troll » Sun 17 Jul, 2016 12:17 pm

Hi. Reading this forum reminded me of the 1970s, when I use to work for the TV rental company Visionhire, as a engineer.
The company had the contract to supply and service the TVs in all the Tetley's pubs and working Men's clubs.
We would spend a fair amount of time going to service the sets (not because they were so bad, but there was so many pubs and clubs with them!).
You had to quick getting the set back working as the drinkers would all be waiting to watch horse racing or whatever, and of course it was always our fault it had gone wrong! You nearly always got a drink offered (after you repaired it that is).
When I was an apprentice I would go with the engineer to help him with the lifting. Being quite young and not even old enough to drink legally I would have a half of mild and still feel light-headed. You would, quite rightly get sacked now a days. But thats as it was back then.
One point I will make is even then, when I was driving, I never took them up on the drink.

Not been in the trade for a long time now, but still remember it well.
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Re: TV contract

Postby buffaloskinner » Sun 17 Jul, 2016 1:39 pm

Years ago we had a "pay as you view" Colour TV as that was all we could afford when we got married, got sick of watching the 14" black and white TV so we upgraded. I think they came round once month to empty them, take their cut and we got back the overs. I seem to recall it was Radio Rentals we had hired it from.
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Re: TV contract

Postby volvojack » Sun 17 Jul, 2016 2:57 pm

When we got married 1960 we bought a B/ White , really modern for its time, a slim Pye on spindly legs. but as soon as colour came out, guess mid to late 1960s we got a colour set on rental from Vallance and Davidsons on the Headrow.
we did not have a meter / box but paid monthly at the shop.. before the 60s. the T.V.s were huge behind the screen with all the valves etc.
Got my Mother one and she accepted it reluctantly being brought up on radio but before long the Andy Williams and the Perry Como show were a must for her, if I called in when they were on I used to get the Bums Ruush.
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Re: TV contract

Postby volvojack » Sun 17 Jul, 2016 3:32 pm

In the early 1950s very few folks owned a T.V. and some who did used to leave their curtains open in the evening to let everyone know they had one. If a T.V. shop had one on in the window people would stop and gather round on the street.
In late 1950s my wife to be told me her Mother was getting a larger model so I bought the old one for £10. in those days there was only B.B.C. and to get I.T.V. you had a box which sat on top of the set. as we only had a portable aerial the reception was dodgy and most times the screen was in two halve with the bottom at the top. the most popular way of fixing problems in those days was to hit the set with your clenched fist and swear.
one day my brother came home and told me there was an H roof aerial in some ones garden. we went round and got it and came home with it. Now the problem was how to make use of it. these things are about four feet long but they then have another long bar about the same lenth to bolt to the chimney stack. the house we lived in had at the top of the stairs a long skylight with a window to the roof.
we dragged it up the stairs and with a ladder and a lot of sweat managed to get this thing swinging from the window cord.
By this time we were like two chimney sweeps as this thing was filthy.
Put the T.V. on and then it started, the Yes, No interlude, with the aerial swinging the picture was all over the place. me downstairs and our kid up the ladder both shouting up and down.
Finally did get it watchable.
Though in Later years we bought our Mother a modern set with a good reception as far as I recollect the aerial up the stairs was still there and might even be up still today.

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Re: TV contract

Postby trophy » Mon 18 Jul, 2016 4:24 pm

i remember in the 50s my aunt had a radio and later a tv from radio rentals this was some kind of cable or telephone line set up the radio was just a speaker with a seperate switch for changing programes.
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Re: TV contract

Postby volvojack » Mon 18 Jul, 2016 5:35 pm

That was quite a common thing in those days although we never had this system, when I got married and moved into a terrace house one day there came a letter from Radio Rentals enclosing a cheque for One Shilling.. Now in 1960 this was a paltry amount and when I rang them to see what it was for they said For allowing our line to pass under the eaves of your property. sure enough when looked up outside there it was. I rang them and they should come up with a better offer or I am goimg up a ladder and cutting the cable. After some argy bargy I finally got a Guinea ( 21-) Mind you my wages at that time were only about £15. so all ended O.K.

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