Pack Horse Gelderd Road

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Re: Pack Horse Gelderd Road

Postby volvojack » Thu 21 Jul, 2016 7:48 pm

Only know that the Pack horse was a good place to go night time at weekends always good music. But the Wheatsheaf was a different kettle of fish. In the 70s this Pub was a gold mine, full every lunchtime and evening, then there were match days and games mid week.Doe anyone remember the people who ran it ? Morris and Brenda, she had a temper and woe betide anyone who crossed her. Morris used to change his Mercedes every year for a brand new one and after closing time 31st July there was a spread laid out and free drinks for us chosen few. At bang on Midnight he would fill up his new car with mates and out on the road all around Morley / Gildersome they would go (Not me) He had this obsession with being first out. Me and a car dealer Billy Twigg would stay behind and take advantage of the hopitality. Some years later they left and took a Pub up Horseforth ( The Stone Trough ??) I believe the Brewery had forced them out of the Wheatsheaf.

I do remember that some people would not go to the Pack horse in the evening as there was a Gypsy Site a little higher up Gelderd Road and some had their motors tampered with so ightly or wrongly the two were connected.
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Re: Pack Horse Gelderd Road

Postby JuliaK » Fri 22 Jul, 2016 11:06 pm

I used to work at this pub. Near Leeds University. Cannot believe it got knocked down. It was the "go to" student pub.
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Re: Pack Horse Gelderd Road

Postby tyke bhoy » Sat 23 Jul, 2016 7:42 am

JuliaK the Pack Horse near Leeds University and on the Otley Road run is still standing and open. The Pack Horse in this thread was about 3 miles to the southwest.
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