White Swan pub on Call Lane.

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Re: White Swan pub on Call Lane.

Postby volvojack » Fri 06 Oct, 2017 8:26 am

Good Morning Ian,
I remember both of those murders and the wide publicity they received in the Yorkshire Post and elsewhere. It was quite rare in those days for murders to be commited, or so it seemed.
It was a great shame that computors and the instant technology we have today was not around then to help sort through all the data and information, true or false coming in to you and your offficers.
I know the outcome of John Speeds murder but what was the result of the Mary Judge murder?

P.s. On a lighter note Ian The Regent in Kirkgate was only a very small pub known for its good pint and from what i recall in thise days the Landlord (Jack Tinker ? ) would not have let "Brass Nails " in his Establishment.

Regards, Jack.
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Re: White Swan pub on Call Lane.

Postby iansmithofotley » Fri 06 Oct, 2017 8:29 am

Hi Jack,

The case remains undetected.

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Re: White Swan pub on Call Lane.

Postby Steve Jones » Fri 06 Oct, 2017 10:25 am

it is this murder that is thought to be one of the explanations for the strange feelings and sightings around the area referred to in another thread in the ghosts section.
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