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I know it's been a while since any posted, however i thought i'd share my story. Me and my partner have just bought a house on the Farrows in Armley and we both have had strange feelings like someone is watching us, have seen shadows. Having a newborn as well I am usually up a couple of times during the night and if i ever go down to the kitchen I always feel like someone is stood behind me watching me as usual though when I turn round there is nothing there at first i thought it was just down to me been tired but when the other half said he'd seen someone stood in the hallway at the stop of the stairs i thought it couldn't be me been over tired as he sleeps through all the crying. The house is only a couple of years old. I do know there was some old flats here that were built in the 60's/70's i believe and before that i was told it was fields but never heard of anything happening around here that would cause those feelings.

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