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Chaddy 83
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Postby Chaddy 83 » Fri 20 Jun, 2008 5:03 pm

Also, I am originally from Beeston, moved to Miggy nearly 2 years ago. When I was a lad, I went to Cockburn High school. Now when we first started going to that school there was loads of rumours about the woods like devil worshippers and the like and all the weird things that went on. Now I started going there in 94 and back then the school wasn't half as big as what it is now and there wasn't fencing round the school like there is now. One day a few of us decided to take a walk into the woods on our dinner break and we walked right to the bottom of the hills and near the back of where the southleighs are near the outskirts of the woods where all the bikers used to use these big hills to bike up and down. I considered this bit the unsafe and creepy side of the woods because this side of the woods thats all it is just woods and nothing else. Most of it nearer the other side and towards Middleton has the lake, playground etc. We walked about 5-10 minutes into the woods close to where the clearings are and we noticed about 2 or 3 trees and coming inside them there was a load of white smoke but it didn't look like anyone had been near there. Also there wasn't any holes or anything that someone could have done something to them it was like smoke was just coming out from through the trees. We didn't stop there long and we eventually came back. Now as far as I know trees don't usually do that and I heard a load of other stuff about them woods when I was younger but I can't remember them now. Just wondered if anyone else has seen anything weird like this in the woods?
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Postby andrea70 » Tue 24 Jun, 2008 9:22 pm

I'm usually sceptical about a lot of ghost stories & stuff - but talking about Middleton woods I do have a bit of a weird story about when I was a kid & me & my mates used to go down there a lot to play on the rope swings - there was one above a bell pit, must have been either 1984/5 when I was about 11/12 - whilst messin on the swing one of my mates said she'd just seen a 'lass' run past downhill on a mud path further down to us - noone else noticed as we werent looking at the time - my mate Lesley kept watching as she thought it a bit strange I suppose a young girl on her own running through woods - we all took a look further on through the woods not really that interested - & then - I remember this really well as we all saw it too - from behind one of the trees quite far off it was as if a girl was knelt behind it - she kind of leant out to one side on her arm & I remember the long hair fall around her shoulder - but I swear it was white - it only happened for a second & she went 'back in' behind the tree - I knelt down kind of in shock & remember shouting 'oi, whose that behind that tree?' but no answer - we all ran & ran until we got back up to middleton park pond & talked about it 'til we were blue in the face - we all swear we saw the same thing - very strange - I'm 35 now & still remember this as being the weirdest thing I've seen & I've never seen a 'ghost' since - if this is what it was. I'm not professing by any means that this was what it was but I honestly can't explain it - & I'm not a weirdo whose obsessed with things like this either. Time goes by & you tend to kind of forget about stuff like this but when I read these threads it made me think about it again. Curiously though also years later my grandma once got talking about when trams used to go through bottom of woods & as a young woman in 30's with my grandad they used to catch tram from Belle-Isle up to Middleton - in 1934 she said there was a girl murdered in the woods called Emily Yeomans - she used to live at Garnet Place in Beeston. Her body was found somewhere in undergrowth at side of tram track. It turned out to be her boyfried - David Marshall Blake from Lady Pit Lane, Beeston & I think he was tried at Leeds Town Hall & hung. It made me think though when I heard about this - could it have possibly been anything to do with this what we saw behind that tree that day? I'll never know.
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Postby weenie » Tue 24 Jun, 2008 10:12 pm


i used to live in Bruce Lawn New Wortley, and we had a few occurances!

one main occurance was when i just had my eldest son and as usual when he awoke for a feed i went down to make him a bottle and we had this touch lamp. in kitchen because the light didnt work , and it just kept on going on and off but also missing the middle light mode. i wasn't bothered at first but then the dogs went ballistic and were just staring at the lamp, i legged it back upstaires to ragg my hubby out of bed and the dogs were just going mental.
Later on my mum came down and it happend during the day whilst she was there. she just said "if thats you mam, please stop it" it just went off and only did it when she was in after that. so presumed it was my nan.

another spooky thing in that house was that my son used to have an imaginary friend called Jack, or so i thought he used to play with him all the time. i'd have to make a place setting for him at the table and stuff and i just thought it was kids stuff, untill, one day my son had said to me "Jack loved this house before it was knocked down and if i ever feel scared he will be in the moon and i just need to look for the moon at night and he will be there".
well my head started thinking and doing overtime as usual, so i decided to ask my next door neighbour who had lived on this street since they had been built and he said the other people who lived there had things going on and there sons, kept on mentioning the name Jack. o off i went digging into the backgroud of the house and was shcked to find that before the house was built, were some old houses that were cleared in the slum clearance and lots of streets there was. and in finding which was our plot to the old buildings found that in the census there was a lad called Jack, possibly the same one. my son is 8 nearly now and still mentions him. :-)
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Postby andrea70 » Tue 24 Jun, 2008 11:06 pm

Spooky! - slightly going off thread but back to Middleton/Westwoods - as I've lived here since being knee high to a grasshopper I know the park and the back fields/railway like the back of my hand - a very atmospheric & eerie place is Stank Hall Barn next to the railway nearer to Beeston but I was fascinated by the place as a child, we used to walk past there a lot & someone used to live in the two big houses at the side - but its now derelict - it used to be a yeoman farm & dates to medieval times - I dont know of any ghost stories or anything related to it but wondered if anyone has any information/stories/memories about this place as I dont really know a great deal about it - apart from apparently 2 brothers used to own each house in the 1600's & lived alongside each other - I bet there must be some eerie tales related to this lovely place though - sadly it stands derelict & boarded up now - I only hope nothing bad happens to this place-it deserves a lot of respect-sorry I'm waffling a bit now-but does anyone have any old stories/information on the history of this place? I once snook into the barn as a child & found an old diary on windowsill (only from early 70's) with entries where a group of kids had squatted in there for a few nights & told ghost stories/had seances on a night (brave kids!) wonder where they are now!

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Postby passion4cars » Fri 10 Oct, 2008 6:57 pm

Rich87 wrote:
At my uncles house, the one i mentioned before on bodmin road, well one night when i was staying over we decided that before we went to bed we'd leave his dictor phone (i dunno the proper word lol) on the table in the middle of the room on record.

Came down in the morning and my uncle was already up, sat listening to the recorder. He re-wound it and passed me it and said listen to that, tell me what you hear. So i did and i just freaked! No lies here or no exageration, you could hear a man talking softly to someone else, and the other person replying, and the voices didnt sound...... how can i put this... they didnt sound like it was two living people talking, the voices were very very strange. My uncle got that scared he threw the tape away! I dont blame him tho, it was very weird!

I can help you so far with some questions that you have asked in regards to the Westwood Estate. Before the houses were built it was a farm called westwood farm (obviously) and the farm house was where Tivolli bingo is now. The farm was run by James Glen jr and his wife Sarah Glen. They had 5 or 6 kids which one of them was my great grandad.

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Postby emyg » Fri 10 Oct, 2008 10:18 pm

This place isn't technically in Leeds but it's near enough!
The viccarage (wrong spelling there maybe) in Askwith is the scariest house I've ever seen! Everybody knows it's haunted!
Because in 30 years I will be remembering when the corn exchange had shops in it...
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Postby Si » Mon 13 Oct, 2008 10:33 am

emyg wrote:
This place isn't technically in Leeds but it's near enough!
The viccarage (wrong spelling there maybe) in Askwith is the scariest house I've ever seen! Everybody knows it's haunted!

Go to the bottom of the class, Em!
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Postby LS13 » Sun 09 Nov, 2008 7:09 pm

I used to live in Green Rd Meanwood. In the early 70's, the woman next door hanged herself from the banister on the landing. She lived there with her husband and they were a strange couple, she used to spend a lot of time in the small box room which faced our house, causing my parents to speculate that her husband used to lock her in there!

The police and ambulance obviously came and they took a stretcher in the house. They then took a wheelchair in and wheeled out the corpse sat up in the chair covered by a blanket! It turned out her husband had cut her down, sat her in a chair (dead!) and chatted to her for a few hours. (He actually told my mother this). Rigor mortis set in, hence she went stiff in a sitting position.

Following that, the house was sold and a young couple moved in. All the neighbours agreed not to tell them what happened in the house. One day, the husband was talking to my mate who lived next door , on the other side to me. Completely oblivious to the house's history he said 'I'm sure our house in haunted. We've heard someone walking on the landing and loud bangs'. My mate kept quiet..

We had two dogs at separate times over the course of the next 10 years and both of them, would suddenly look up at the box room of the house next door and either start barking and growling or cock their heads on one side as if looking at something. We'd look, and the room would be empty.

The house seemed jinxed after the suicide. Whoever moved in either divorced, got ill or had other problems. I won't disclose the number in case the current owners read this!

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Postby Phys1987 » Sun 17 May, 2009 1:57 am

hey andrea70, e-mail me at richphys@hotmail.co.uk. iv got some stories for ya about the westwoods/bodmins
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Postby Steve Jones » Wed 19 Jun, 2013 8:43 pm

just been reading this thread again,some great stories on it.any more about the Bodmins,or anywhere else?
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