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Postby wiggy » Fri 15 Feb, 2008 1:07 pm

The Parksider wrote:
rangieowner wrote:
What battle was near boggart hill?

The battle of Boggart Hill drive of course? Dont you know nutting?

The battle refered to is the one over at Cock Beck which ran red with the blood of the fallen. 600 and odd BC or whatever.

I was brought up on BHD and the Boggart supposedly walked down from the top of the hill to........

Well I dunno. The legend was set out in a display in the Gate Pub which I never went to see because going in the gate was scarier than the Boggart.

TBF to the ghost writers on here I do recall one or two neighbours with their own stories about early one morning.......
the lancastrian forces had the cock beck on their right flank at the battle of towton in1461ad,the biggest loss of life on british soil(50,000)the marker can be seen on the spot,just outside towton village,and read in latin and english.the graves of some of the battle dead can be seen in nearby saxton church yard.the battle in654ad,known as the winwaed was when king penda,the last pagan king in england and lord of the kingdom of elmete was defeated and killed by oswiu on the banks of the river winwaed.historians cannot agree on where the river winwaed was,some say it's the cock beck,some that it's the river went near doncaster!!!!!but as some think the battle was fought on wellington hill,i believe the wykebeck(which was much bigger and wider just a hundred years ago) was the winwaed,hence killingbeck.either way,the welsh swapped sides half way through the battle(their earthworks defences around their camp can still be seen in gipton woods),penda was defeated and his treasure is said to be buried on the penda's estate,not far from the cock beck public house strangely enough....get digging!!
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Postby ReddaDrops » Wed 16 Apr, 2008 11:03 am

Scotteh2k8 wrote:
Here is one of the pics i mentioned in the previous post... There is one orb at the arm of the settee and if you look very closely there is one by Misty (the cat) at the rug

why did you take a pic of your tv/living room? is there somthing special about it?
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Postby olli77 » Thu 24 Apr, 2008 3:01 pm

Hi just found secret Leeds today and had to join if for no other reason than to reply to Rich87 and his post about 97 Bodmin Road, I grew up just up the road at 205 Bodmin Road, the Bodmins are in a part of Middleton called the Westwood estate and unlike the rest of Middleton is relatively new, it was put up in 60’s or earl 70’s but despite its age, it has more than its fair share of ghost stories, I have a lot of family and friends on the estate and they all have stories, raging from nonsense to the genuinely send you cold, I guess because I know the people personally I know which one to believe and to relate to you. (I think this is going to be long post so bare with me) My auntie who used to live spitting distance from 97 Bodmin Road, I cant remember the address, I can get it if anyone’s interested, she lived in one of the bigger 4 bedroomed houses on the estate, just off Bodmin Road in a Square, up an alley, anyone who knows the Westwood estate knows what a rabbit warren it is and so will forgive my lack of detail regarding the location, she was hoovering and her the wire got snagged, she turned and the wire was just on the floor nowhere near anything it could get snagged on, so she continued hovering and it happened again, again she turned and the wire was just sitting there, she continued, but again when it happened she turned quickly thinking one of her children, who where kids at the time (this was back in the 70’s) were messing with her, when she turned the wire was as she put it in “mid air” and it “whipped” at her, she ran screaming into the neighbours and called her husband home from work, he was furious at her for dragging him home over something silly, tellingly later on he bought her flowers and chocolates as an apology for not believing her as that was just the start of weirdness in that house, all the family experienced something in that house, it all seemed pretty standard haunted house stuff you hear a lot. Locked doors been opened, but in the space of a few seconds, my uncle would close and put the latch on a door, turn away and when he turned back the door would be unlatched and opened again. One of my cousins regally got her feet pulled as she slept (this isn’t a put on, you know “having your leg pulled”) , again she shared a bedroom with a sister, but they swear it wasn’t a put on, she would be asleep and someone would be holding her feet, some one with cold hands and sometimes they would pull at them and physically move her down the sheets, they ran into her parents bedroom in hysterics lots, my auntie was a housewife, so she was at home most of the day and she used to spend all day at my grans who lived on the same estate because she refused to be left in the house alone after she was in the kitchen and she heard footsteps up stairs, knowing she was alone and with everything else that had been going on, she showed proper Yorkshire wisdom and refused to go up stairs and check it out, the closest she got was going to the door (which was at the bottom of the stairs) to check it was locked (which it was) she said she could hear someone moving about up there, doors shutting and opening and she thought she could hear breathing, so she thought she would call the police, thinking someone had got in, but before she did her kids came home from school and as kids do they just pilled in and headed up stairs before my auntie could stop them, she followed them up and found nothing, just the beds she had made in the morning had been messed up, the kids could have done that, but she swears it was just a few seconds between the kids going up there and her following them, so she doubts it was, I was really young when this was going on I remember been told about it at the time and the stories always get an airing when someone else has a ghost story to tell and they do regularly. The events never got to the level you hear about with people getting hurt or seriously disturbed, just frightened the family they stayed in that house for many years and the incidents got less and less, but every now and again something would happen. Like I mentioned earlier the estate and the house are modern and my auntie was the first resident in that house after it was built so I was wondering if anyone has any info on the land the estate was built on, the local pub is called the plantation after the land it was built on, my mum and uncles lived on the old estate at middleton when they were kids and used to play in the woods where the estate was built and there was supposed to be an old house there that all the kids we scared to go near and a old farmhouse that they were always told not to go near. Any one has info on ghostly goings on middleton it would be appreciated. Maybe every estate has these stories but middleton seems to have more than its fair share, there’s the tragedy of the old pit where people where supposed to have died in cave in and then later after the pit closed two young girls are supposed to have died when they where playing in the ruins, the old mine shafts run under middleton park and there are big craters in the woods when we were kids we assumed they where bomb craters from the war we later found out they were the mine shafts that had collapsed in, its in these areas people say they have seen things, figures wandering, mists, noises ghosts of dead miners perhaps) the pond in the park is supposed to be haunted by a girl who drowned in the pond, but over the years ive heard so many different versions of that one, a girl was supposed have drowned in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is any of these stories right? Also the old manor house that served as the old golf club was said to be haunted, but now that building has been torn down, it was right on the edge of the golf course and kids who go to the golf course after dark for who knows what say that they regularly hear and see things in the rose garden, the only bit of the house that is left, they swear they have seen “ghostly” figures and noises in the garden but given the substances they are consuming I think they are the text book definition of unreliable witnesses…god this was a long post, sorry will try to keep it shorter next time
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Postby olli77 » Thu 24 Apr, 2008 3:57 pm

oh almost forgot a couple more things seen as im on this ghost trip at the moment...the backfields behind the westwoods, the ghost stories are a little fanciful, about the disused railwayline that you can follow for miles, people have seen things along the route, mostly in the "Valley" right behind the estate the line is above ground on an enbankment, but if you follow it out of leeds it sinks into a deep valley just befoe it gets to the viaduct the new line runs under, its so beautiful, but the "blue man" who is supposed to haunt the woods beind the estate is seen most there, also when i was a kid there was bruhahah about a "stanic Alter" been found in the woods right behind the estate, being kids we went to find it and we did, its was two minutes walk from the houses right at the top of Bodmin road near the cuckoo steps. it was just a natural rock formation with a stone in the middle you could use as an alter and to our kid eyes we were convinced there was dried blood on the stone and pentagrams, it was probably kids just messing about, but reason it caused such a fuss at the time was that some kid found it ran home to tell his parents and when they went to see it there was dead cat, with its innards cut out on the middle stone, at least that was the story, never did find out which kid found it or if the dead cat story was true, also the house next to st mary's church on town street, its a odd house completely out of touch with the rest of area and when my mum was kid the story was that two witches lived there, just two spinster sisters of course, but they died when i was teenager and so my mum wanted to see inside the house when it went up for sale, because she always loved it thought it was gorgeous house, i think it was up for auction , so she got in somehow posing as a buyer i guess and she stayed for about two minutes becuse she says when she was upstarirs nosing around she could hear two women laughing suddenly all her childhood memeories about them been witches came flooding back and she ran for it. on the way out she did ask if there was anybody else looking at the house and they said no she was the only one who had been that day...any way thats me finnished for now, just to finnish by saying that middleton is just weird

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Postby Rich87 » Mon 05 May, 2008 10:41 pm

I got told that the bodmins are built on an old coal mine. Which when you look at em, it could be true as they are built on hills which could have been mines. and they are very close to miggy park. Well at least people know its not imagination, and that the bodmins really are haunted!
Iv heared many stories about miggy park but never been there myself, i will go one night coz im in miggy every weekend stayin at my uncles
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Postby olli77 » Tue 06 May, 2008 9:02 pm

going into miggy park after dark, your a braver man than me, i used to walk all the way through out the other side (to belle isle) in the pitch black when i was a kid (well me and my mates), but i wouldnt now, not because of any possible ghosts or ghouls but more the very real human threat, im sure there just bored kids up to all sorts of naughtyness, but i wouldnt risk it (might be over reacting) but there no lighting of any sort down those long winding roads and paths (it is a bit of a maze if you dont know it) its like leeds city council want people to stay out after dark, other parks in leeds have street lamps along the roads and paths leading through them but not miggy, if you are gonna go, the rose garden is down the road to your left as you enter the park, when the hill starts to flatten out its on your right, the bare circular area wth the new benches is where the old manor house used to sit, right next to the rose gardens, as for the collapsed mine shafts they are further on in the depths of the park and well of the beaten track, you go to your right down the hill, youd have to find what we used to call the "Nature trail" they are all along that dirt path that goes through the woods, not the pathed one, there are relatively small holes along the trail, but if you leave the trail and go into the wood there are some trully big ones, theres one in particually, when we where kids we would dare each other to jump in because it was so deep it was so difficult to get out, and thetre was a tyre swing over it for kids with a eath wish i remember it been incredibly high, its these bigger ones the mist and figures are supposed to be seen (havnt seen them myself) come to think of it im not sure the nature trail is there anymore, my grandad used to take us for walks along it and my primary school took us along it too, there are signs along the way telling you what type of animals and birds you should be looking out for, but i cant remeber seeing it recently, but it started near where the carpark is, there was a board with the map of the trail, if the trail is still there the board must be too, i was down there a few months ago, but i cant remember if its there or not.
ive never heard that the bodmins are built on a coal mine before, i thought middleton pit or broom coliery as it was known went off in the opposite direction, north towards leeds, im not familair with how mine shafts where/are dug, i assume they follow the seam where ever it leads. the bodmins are only about a mile or so from where the old pit head was, so i suppose if the shafts went off in other directions they could have stretched as far the bodmins, ive been checking leodis and for middleton there are several pictures of an old farmhouse from the 1920's labled as on the westwood, the farm isnt here now (unless its the farm house you can see down in the fields from the top of the westwoods, but thats so far away its nearer morley than miggy, so i find it hard to believe it could have ever been considered middleton, its over the railway line and the motroway) my mum remembers a couple of farmhouse on the land where the westwoods are (there not here now) but never heard of anything happening at them, so if anyone has any info it would be appreciated. has anyone seen a brilliant documentary called "wisconsin death trip" its a trully superb film about all the weird, horrible things that happend in one part of wisconsin over the years, im begining to get that feelin regarding middleton...or maybe im been silly
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Postby Festwerfer » Tue 06 May, 2008 11:26 pm

The farm at the bottom you describe has an Iron age barn attached to it. Of all the ghosts in Middleton Henry Maude is the most famous. the story I have is that he was the owner of the old house in Middleton woods and owned most of the land there abouts he was also a local magistrate and by all accounts a bit of a Judge Jeffries type who was deeply unpopular with the peasants. One night while returning home on horse back his horse is said to have been spooked and he fell and broke his neck ( murder or accident?) he is now said to ride down town street in stormy weather headless. Load of old twaddle maybe but upon his grave stone in St Mary's church yard are the words "my brother shall rise again" And I'm told his brother put this on with no religious meanings. Incidentally Charlie Cotton a victim of the Ardsley pit disaster is buried there a couple of plots away from my grandparents. I know of a house on Thorpe lane thats Haunted by a wonderful old man but I know for a fact he would not harm you. He never did in life!
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Postby Patexpat » Sat 07 Jun, 2008 8:31 am

My mid age crisis and nostalgia for my younger days drew me to this website, being raised in Bramley up to my mid teens (this is my first post)... and we used to live in a VERY old house dating from the 18th century with walls that seemed as thick as a castle. Apparantly way before we lived there this house served as a local shop and post office, and i was vaguely aware that there was some 'history' attached to the house but wasn't aware of the details ...

I do remember being sat in front of the open coal fire, but feeling bitterley cold as if someone had 'walked over my grave', and my pet dog would never go down in to the cellar - she would stand at the top of the cellar steps, her hackles would rise and she would growl for all she was worth. I must admit I never liked to go in to the deepest cellars in the house, it never felt 'right'.

Only after we moved out did I discover the secret - at the turn of the 19th century a father had murdered his daughter in the cellar, and yhen committed suicide in the living room by the fire ....

The house was actually 444 Stanningley Road, opposite The Brown Cow public house and was demolished in the mid-70's.

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Postby Rich87 » Wed 18 Jun, 2008 3:01 am

Freaky story patexpat! My uncles dog used to go mad at flat i lived at in otley, and that was a haunted flat!
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Postby Chaddy 83 » Wed 18 Jun, 2008 3:24 pm

I live on Helston walk just the next street from the bodmins and I haven't had any problems with my house since we moved in but this is a bit different and is from holiday last year.
I had gone to Turkey with my girlfriend for a couple of weeks and she was 5 months pregnant and the time. We had been out for a meal that night and we went back to the room as she wasn't drinking and I didn't want to sit getting drunk so I gave it a miss that night. We got back to the hotel room which was the standard room with a bathroom to the right as we walked in and a double bed with a tv and cupboard, nothing special. She promptly went to sleep while I watched the tv. After about 15-20 minutes I felt something staring at me in the doorway and could feel something just standing there. For the next 5 minutes or so kept just looking to my side at the darkened doorway. About 5 minutes later my girlfriend jumped up and started looking around. I was asking her if she was ok and she wouldn't answer me but just mutter things to me and I couldn't work out what she was saying. But she then started talking to me really odd like it wasn't her and talking really calm and staring towards the doorway. I kept looking over but still nothing was there. Then she started talking really calm and asking me hows things have been going and what I've been upto like I hadn't spoke to her in ages. I was nudging her and pushing her a bit but she was ignoring me doing that and she kept looking at the doorway and got up and walked through it and into the toilet. I then started to hear a cry and I heard a bang. I ran into the toilet and she was sat on her backside but her head was really low down near the floor like she was really bent forward but she was quite heavily pregnant at the time and didn't know how she could have got like that. She was asking why she was sat on the flooras and she can't get up as she has no arms or legs. I picked her up and got her to bed but she started twitching and shaking until she just got to sleep.
Next morning I told her about it and she didn't have a clue what I was talking about, didn't remember a thing about as far as she knew she had slept the whole night. She didn't believe a word of what I had said and just denied it. It took me a while for her to take it in and she could tell after a while I was being serious. Still can't explain that one. Every night after that on that holiday I didn't feel anything else near that doorway and nothing like that has happened again or since which was about a year ago. Just really freaked me out!

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