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Primrose Pit Site Swillington

Postby Darkisle » Fri 02 Jan, 2015 1:31 pm

Hi, not new to the site but not posted much before. Might as well start somewhere! I have noticed some activity on a Swillington Facebook page about strange events on the relatively new estate of houses that were built on part of the old colliery site in Swillington. Poltergeist type stuff - people reporting lights and other electrical equipment switching themselves on and off, dogs barking at nothing, kids playing with imaginary friends etc. I have Lived all my life in Little Preston until recently. Remember walking up the lane from Little Preston to meet my granddad coming back from the pit screens where he worked. The field and pit hill that used to be there. I remember the estate being built. I read history at university. Done a lot of local history research on the area and have a lot of primary documents and access to old maps but both from an historical perspective and nearly 50 years of personal knowledge I cannot recall any paranormal activity in that specific area. Did see something at the field at the back of Little Preston Hall though and my granddad also had strange tales to tell which if I get time I will relate on the appropriate forum. If the activity has cropped up recently it could be a more recent phenomena. ... Or something very old has been stirred up... There have been a few motor related deaths near there including one late 2014. Could be a coincidence. Could be dodgy electrics. There are also some very large electricity pylons in the area.
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Re: Primrose Pit Site Swillington

Postby Bluemax » Sat 10 Jan, 2015 12:31 pm

Sounds like dodgy electrical products and kids on weed.

Seriously though, there are alot of strange happenings that in some way or another we will see, hear or feel, it is just that most of the time we do not realise what it is or infact register what has happened because our brain is engaged on some other subject. I belive the majority of such happenings are in our own sub conciousness.


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