Middleton Park Circus.

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Postby Firecracker » Tue 23 Aug, 2011 1:10 pm

Hello, I just thought I would post this for anyone who is interested.I used to live in a flat on Middleton Park Circus. It is above Barrington and Blake (and whatever the shop next door is) but that used to be the Limb Bro.s shop I believe.I only lived there about 8 months and had some weird going ons, although it wasn’t frightening and didn’t feel weird or cold like some explain about haunted houses.We would have things break all the time and then start working a few days later. A radiator… the remote control… but nothing that you could say was overly spooky. One morning I got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom and looked towards the living room. The hallway light was on (I was a single mum at the time and a wuss lol) with the living room light off. And I thought I saw something move across the doorway. I went and turned the light on in the living room and the bulb exploded. Not just popped out like the bulb had gone…. Shattered glass everywhere.The next day I was washing up in the kitchen and thought to myself “that was blooming weird with that light exploding” and just as the thought popped in to my head the light bulb in the hallway exploded!So still a bit strange but could be blamed on dodge electrics. But the one thing I could never explain was one day I was home on my own, with the door locked and my son at his dads. I went to the toilet which was just by the door that leads outside. I had to walk along the hallway, past the stairs that led up to the top floor bedrooms (it was a three bed flat and absolutely huge!). Nothing was out of the ordinary at all. I had a shoe rack in the space under the stairs but obviously just paid no attention to it as I went past.I went to the toilet and when I came out of the bathroom ever shoe that had been on the rack was in the middle of the hallway in a neat little pile. They were definitely not there as I went to the loo as I would have had to walk around them. They had not just fallen off the rack as they would not have landed in a neat little pile about 2 feet away from the rack.Very strange indeed! I often also felt like someone had sat on my bed in the middle of the night or that someone was touching my foot but put this down to overactive imagination with me being on my own in the place with a young son.I’d be very interested to hear if anyone else had ever heard of anything around here.
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Postby Leedsrich » Sat 03 Sep, 2011 11:54 pm

Hello, my uncle used to live on the bodmins in miggy, from around 2002 to 2006. The house he lived in was strange to say the least, i remember after so many unexplained happenings we decided to leave a dictaphone on the living room table when we went to bed.The next morning my uncle came in shaking me to wake up, so i went downstairs and straight away he pressed play on the dictaphone... So bad he just took the tape out and smashed it up! We could hear these very clear voices of 2 men talking in a whispering tone, and knocks on the table that were very loud. Safe to say that was the last night i stayed there, and shortly after this he moved out as he couldnt hack it anymore! Theres more things that happened in this house so if you would like to know just tell me.Thanks, Rich.

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