bus timetables & Blackburn's

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Re: bus timetables & Blackburn's

Postby BLAKEY » Thu 10 Dec, 2015 8:38 pm

The Parksider wrote:Many thanks

Any location for the Olympia works - I'll look for it but if anyone has it off the top of their head!
On the left of Roundhay Road towards Oakwood Clock, I believe roughly where the giant Tesco supermarket is now but can't recall exactly where. :?: :?:
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Re: bus timetables & Blackburn's

Postby harrym1byt » Tue 05 Jun, 2018 7:53 pm

tyke bhoy wrote:Brunel got there first but Olympia works from http://loveoakwood.co.uk/homepage/love- ... pia-works/

The house at the rear on Gledhow Wood Road is still there if you convert Brunel's link to Sattleite view.
Thanks I enjoyed reading that..

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