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Postby Leodian » Thu 07 Apr, 2016 8:28 pm

Tasa wroteColonPhill_dvsn wrote: Ha ha. I've just realised you can drive under the arches on Google Street view If anyone is interested there is an old railway sign on this gate here that must be a 100 years or more old. think Tasa knows about this one too If I recall correctly it was about fire under the arches, no doubt it would have been fiitted after the dark arch fire of 1892. Yes, I have a photo of it at home - I'll try and find it and upload it this evening. I can't remember exactly what it says but it does mention the Joint Railway so that will help date it.    

I've not been on Little Neville Street where that meets the Dark Arches for a few weeks now and as I was there today (April 7 2016) I noticed that the old railway sign on the gate was not there, so it has recently been removed as it was still there several weeks back. I wonder what happened to it? It was just about readable but still an interesting object. I posted about the sign in the 'Signs of old leodis' thread on Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:55 pm with photos that I took on February 10th 2015 but (currently at least) they are among the many photos that cannot be viewed. This is the link to that post of mine:-
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