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Postby BillyBritvic » Wed 23 Mar, 2011 10:21 pm

Hi everyone, after popping in at the Middleton Garage 25 year reunion last Friday and meeting a lot of old workmates, good turnout, it got me thinking about all the guys I worked with in my 7 years there up until it cosed in 86. Out of all the jobs I've had, driver/conducting was the best, by a long chalk. I worked with some lovely lovely people, (and a few "characters"), drivers, guards, clippies, the lasses in the canteen and George the chef, desk men, a few of the checkers, mechanics, cleaners, great times when it was a good job too! anyway, I started to write down all the names I could remember that were at Miggy and here they are below, apologies if i have spelled any names wrongly or if I have not recalled your name. If anyone reading this can remember any more please post as I would eventually like to dedicate a simple site to Middleton garage and it would be nice to have a complete list. HERE GOES:

List updated, thanks to all who got in touch, see posts below

Daphne Alvares    Guard
John Airth    
John Amos    
Paul Arrowsmith    
Ray Beverley    
John Baldwin    Desk Man
Terry Banks    
Steve Barber    
John Barrie    
Don Barron    
Cyril Birkin    
John Bilton    
Dave Billings    
Malcolm Bland    
Birtwhistle 1    
Birtwhistle 2    
Bert Booker    Crew Driver
Dot Booker    Guard
Tommy Booker
Sammy Boyes    
Frank Bradbury
Phil Britten    
Dave Brown    
Dennis Brown    
Steve Brown
Martin Bullough    
George Butterfield    
Colin Button    
George Carr    
Stevie Carr    
Alan Carter    
Pete Cave    
Ginger John? Cawthorne    Desk Man
Tony Cawthra    
Helen Chamberlain                    Guard
Joe Chamberalian                    Crew Driver
Maggie Chamberlain    Guard
Ray Clarke    
Len Clarkson    
Lol Clibbens    
Eric Conlon    
Mark Conlon    
Bill Cooper    
Colin Cooper    Inspector
Paul Cooper    Inspector
Roy Cooper
Wilf Cox             Garage Manager    
Ray Crapper    
John Creasser    Crew Driver
Alan Creswick    
Andy Crowther    
Frank Cruikshank        
Tony Cotton    Guard
Tony Daniels-Gailey    Guard
George Davis
Stevie Day
Ron Dayman         Garage Manager    
George Dennis    
Ken Dodgson
Les Downes            Garage Manager    
Trevor Duell    Inspector
Jack Ellis
Charlie Eyres
Stan Eyres
Albert Fairholme    Guard
Steve Fawcett    
Arthur Firth    
Colin Firth    Guard
Val Ford    
Trevor Fowler    
Hector Frater    Crew Driver
Paul Gibson    
Trevor Gibson    
Roland Grice    
John Guest    
Kevin Hackney    
Mick Hagan    
Tommy Hardy    Guard
Richard Hardwick    
Mick Hargreaves
Brian Harrison
John Harrison    
Terry Harrison    
Mal Harvey    
Billy Haw    
Paul Henley
Alan Hezlewood    
Cliff Hezlewood    
Spen Hezlewood    
Tracy Hezlewood    
Mick Hicks    
Steve Higgs    
Terry Hill    
Alfie Hiscoe
Dennis Hope
Lee Holland    
George Howarth    
Stan Horowitc    
Frank Hudson    
John Hunt    
Dick Hurst    
Dave Hurst    
Terry Hutchinson    
Maggie Hyndman    Guard
Billy Hoops    
Tab Hussain    
Jesse James    
Elsworth Josephs    
Dennis Kitchen    
Paul Knowles    
Harry Lawrence    Crew Driver
John Lawrence
Maurice Lindley    Guard
Barry Lindsell
Stan Ling    
Ronnie Lockhart    Crew Driver
Dave Lockwood    
Manny Lowe    
Ian Manley    
Kevin Marley    
Kevin Morley    Desk Man
Dave Marsh    
Ian Mason    
Neil MacBeth    
Tim McDermott    
Dave McGreavy    
Alan Metcalfe    
Billy Middleton    
Trevor Milburn    
Edi Moore                Guard
Craig Moore
Ronnie Morrison    
Jim Mowatt    
Bruce Naylor    
Bob Nicholson    
Gez O'Callaghan
Ernie Ogden    
Tommy O'Neil    
Inis Padmore    
Frank Pape    Crew Driver
Brian Parkin
Dorothy Patchett
John Peacock    
Mick Perry    
Dennis Picken
Geoff Pinder             Senior Inspector    
Tommy Pinder    
Roger Poole    Desk Man
Terry Poulter    
Bert Pratt    
Brian Pratt    
Colin Prenderghast    Guard
Lol Preece    
Vic Priestley    
Taki Saki Qarmi    
Mally Radcliffe
Stuart Raddings    
Micky Ramoth
Graham Ramsden
Micky Rayner
Keith Rayson    
Dave Redman    
Glen Reece    
Alan Richards
Roger Riley    
Ken Ripley    
Mick Roberts
Gary Robinson
Gary Robinson 2    
Nigel Rogers    
Dave Rouse    Desk Man
Paddy Ryan
Bob Ryder    
Mick Sanderson    
Gerry Sawdon    
Trevor Sawyer    
Joyce Senior    Guard
Howard Sheldon    
Dean Simons    
Pete Simmons    
Frank Smart
George Smeaton    
Ian Speight
Colin Szynkowski    
Brian Stott    
Joyce Swain    Guard
Eileen Sword    Guard
Gary Taffinder
Howard Teasdale    
Barry Thurwell    
Steve Tomlinson    Guard
Paddy Tougher    Inspector
Bob Tunstall    
Ronnie Turner    
Colin Walker    Inspector
Graham Walker    
Johnny Walker    
Johnnie Walker    
Mick Walsh    
Bob Ward    
Mick Warke
Bob Waterson    
Terry Whitaker    
Mark White    Guard
George Wilson    
Mark Wilson    
Bernie Wood    
Georgie Wood    Guard
Graham Wright    Garage Manager
Chris Wykeman    
Eve Hezlewood    Canteen
Brenda?    Canteen
Jenny Pickens    Canteen
George    Canteen
Jean    Canteen
Rita    Canteen

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Postby weenie » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 12:06 am

My dad worked on buses from Middleton Garage, he worked there after he came out of the army in 1964 Colin Jones if anyone remembers him
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Postby BLAKEY » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 9:51 am

BillyBritVic - thanks for a wonderful list - I remember nearly all of them very well, even though I was a driver/ticket checker (detested that job) then bookman at Headingley I did quite a few spare duties at Middleton. When I get chance I'll add a few more names to your list - sadly I know of a few who've passed on in recent years. Do you remember Keith Peacock ?? - driver later bookman - who was rushing home for dinner in the Manor Farms on one of the terrible twelve hour "long days" and collapsed and died in Sharp Lane (I think). Ines Alberta Padmore went home to the Caribbean to visit her family and passed away while there. Also Dorothy Patchett (spitten image of Mrs. Thatcher) who later married Dennis Bennett.
On a cheerier note - was Wilf Cox still the Senior at Middlerton in your day ?? I always thought he looked so liked Eric Morecambe and in manner too. I once arrived for the late turn to find a load of open duties and no spare staff whatever. Wilf strolled out of his glass office to say hello, accompanied by his lovely spaniel, and I said "By gum, you're in a mess for staff here aren't you??" With a real "Eric Morecambe" look he replied "Yes, but its all my fault you know." "How's that then ??" I asked"     I'll never forget his wonderful reply :-
"Well, I came out here this morning and uttered that evil four letter word WORK - we had to get the first aid man to four of them and an ambulance for two more."     It was about 4.00pm before I could stop laughing enough to write anything !! Wonderful memories.    
There's nothing like keeping the past alive - it makes us relieved to reflect that any bad times have gone, and happy to relive all the joyful and fascinating experiences of our own and other folks' earlier days.
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Postby amber » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 10:45 am

5 Senior Garage Inspectors
George Graham
Les Downes
Ron Dayman
Geoff Pinder
Not sure if George Marshell had a spell at Mid.
What a memory you've got .I must have written and read all the Dvrs and Cdrs names every day and I don't think I could have rembered 20, and they were the regulars who came in for a verbal or written warning.

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Postby amber » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 4:36 pm

I took this photo of Midd Garage only about 4 days after closure 1986 Press red cross    
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Postby buffaloskinner » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 6:58 pm

BillyBritvic, I think you must have either a photographic memory or access to some archived records.

There are a few more I can think of, but I couldnt have remembered that lot even though I spent 13 years at Middleton until it closed.

I always will remember some of the Inside Grades and Engineering staff we had there all looked after by the infamous Ronnie O

And yes it was a good night last Friday, spent the first hour trying to remember names though.    
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Postby BillyBritvic » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 7:57 pm

Ey up, here again. thank you for your replies, to Buffaloskinner I have recounted all these names from memory, I dont have access to archives, wish I had. Not sure about photographic memory though. I think I remember cos it was the best time of my working life, and all the guys had different personalities and were interesting, I felt like i fit in. it was my kind of job. Only left cos they were sending me to Bramley!!! shame things have to change. It was really nice to meet up again last Friday. Hope another meeting will be as well attended. Here are a few more names I've remembered:

George Smeaton
Stuart Raddings
Phil Britten
Micky Raynor
Roger Riley
Lee Holland
Brian Parkin
Gary Robinson

Funny innit? I can remeber very nearly 200 peeps I last worked with 25 years ago but cant remember what I did last week!!!

Hope to bump into again very soon.

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Postby BillyBritvic » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 8:16 pm

Hi Blakey, we must know each other, we must have met in the past, I was a spare conductor for 6 months and spare driver for the rest of my time at Middleton and was sent to all the other garages to do cover. Always liked Headingley garage, loved the canteen there. I did 10 years at Black Prince after that.
I too am saddened when I hear about past colleagues passing away, very saddened. I must have started after Keith Peacock passed on but I do have fond memories of Ines Padmore, lovely lady and very interesting to talk to. I guarded her a few times and got her talking about her early life "back home". she made me laugh telling me how she was the best catapulter in her village, she said she could hit a pigeon first shot every time!!! then pigeon stew for dinner, she had a lovely laugh, bless her. There are others too that have a special place in my thoughts, some gone, some still here and some I'm not sure. Daphne was a lovely lady, she was on the buses when I went to primary school, do you remeber her? slim with long black hair, always wore gloves. When I was at school aged 9 or 10, we used to call her catwoman, cheeky was'nt we? She was very attractive and never looked her age. I could go on and on but am thinking of setting up a site and putting my memories on there.
Wilf Cox was the manager when I first started, I didnt get to know him very well, after him I think it was Geoff Pinder and the last one was Graham Wright? I'm not sure, I think all this remembering of names has worn me brain out.
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Postby BillyBritvic » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 8:38 pm

Hi Amber, thanks for those names, I have added to my list for future reference. I remember Geoff Pinder very well, but the other names only ring a bell. Thanks for posting the pic, brought back memories of going to look for foreman mechanic to get a changeover. We might recognize each other should we meet, I worked out of all the garages, doing cover or the odd banger here and there. You might have even given me a verbal after I'd blobbed another early turn!!!!! Didn't like earlies, but didnt find it too hard to get swap for 9 or 10ish start so didnt blob that many. Only ever got booked once, when I was crew driving. Late turn number 3's stopped at Barrys on Dewsbury road, Guard, Maggie H, ran over and got fish n chips etc for us both then I hammered it to thorpe Lane, accidently forgetting I was 4 mins early going through at Tommy wass', this led to 8 mins early at terminus and guess what? Trevor Duell was waiting for us, DRAT, BLINKIN ECK< or words to that effect!!!!!! Anyway got a verbal for that. apart from that never got caught..........I mean never did owt to get booked for again.
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Postby BLAKEY » Thu 24 Mar, 2011 11:40 pm

Hi again Billy, Yes I remember Daphne Albares very well indeed - and her gloves of course. She was actually very good friends with Dorothy Patchett who I mentioned above - both real ladies for sure. I had many a laugh and happy chat with Ines too. Do you remember the dreadful accident she had at Crossgates one evening peak while on the the number 9 Ring Road with a double decker (6***) ?? She was just passing the end of Austhorpe Road when a silly old kid in a car pulled across right in front of her - then panicked and stopped dead inches away - naturally she had hit him before she could even think of braking. A girl upstairs was standing before coming down to get off and went straight through the windscreen and landed on or near the car and was very seriously injured. Ines had her meal break (late turn) and then did the best possible thing - carried on and completed the duty - very courageous even so and we admired her for it.     Another interesting fact about Ines which I daresay you hadn't heard. She had a few goes at the driving test (semi automatics) during her first spell with LCT - got fed up, left, and went on the West Yorkshire as a conductress - and passed on a live gearbox Bristol Lodekka !!
As you say, I must know you - were you by any chance at Black Prince Depot on their final night at Midnight, and were you by then working for Arriva ?? - if so I do know you !!

There's nothing like keeping the past alive - it makes us relieved to reflect that any bad times have gone, and happy to relive all the joyful and fascinating experiences of our own and other folks' earlier days.

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