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Houses, churches, monuments, graves, etc.
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Postby stutterdog » Tue 03 Sep, 2013 11:51 pm

Leodian wrote:
stutterdog wrote:
Leodian wrote:
Thanks Tasa and stutterdog. As I know what my auntie's surname was I may be able to find through electoral registers the address where she lived in Armley, which I may do at some stage.

Hi Leodian, did you mange to obtain your Aunts surname when she lived in Armley? If she lived in either of the 2 streets I mentioned in my post, I probably knew her,as I knew most peoples names when I lived in the Gloucesters. It's pretty amazing really as I lived in a street in Farsley for 37 years up to 3 years ago and I only knew the names of 4 families! They were real communities in those far off days!

Hi stutterdog.

Sorry but I never got round to finding where she lived. As I know her name (which I don't want to reveal publicly) I could find her address and so possibly give the street name. She died nearly 30 years back (her husband, who I can just recall, died very many years before that). They had a son but I don't know if he is still alive.

Of course ,there were other streets further down Armley Rd .which were bombed and she could have lived in one of those. But, it would be interesting to find out where she lived.
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Postby BLAKEY » Fri 06 Sep, 2013 1:15 pm

We moved from Moorland Road, Hyde Park to Ilkley in 1940 as my folks were apparently worried that Leeds would be severely bombed.     As it happened there was some damage less than a mile away - numbers 4/6/8/10 Cardigan Road were badly damaged in 1942. I showed this picture a couple of years ago to some new students who were moving in to number 4 at the start of their studies and they were just astonished. The rebuilding of the houses had altered their appearance a little but not too much.
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