(Top) Secret Leeds - WW2 Auxiliary Units, British Resistance Organisation

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Postby dogduke » Sun 20 Jul, 2014 10:14 pm

dogduke wrote:
scrabblerz wrote:
I have just started reading a book from the Library
Churchills Underground Army
A History of the Auxiliary Units in World War 2
by John Warwicker
Haven't seen any thing about Leeds yet though

An excellent read for all you historians
Black Diamonds
by Catherine Bailey
The Rise and Fall of a Yorkshire Dynasty
An eye opener

Just to support scrabblerz comments on Black Diamonds.

I got the book from the library a while ago and returned it unread due
to lack of time to read it.

i have downloaded it from the library(for nowt) and have managed
to get about 2/3 through.

What an excellent read ! well researched and well written,very easy to follow the quite complex
Well worth reading.

Tonights Antique Roadshown was from
Wentworth Woodhouse the palatial base of the Black Diamonds.
Should be available via BBC I player
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