Queens Hall - classic rock venue?

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Re: Queens Hotel stories

Postby volvojack » Fri 20 Oct, 2017 10:15 am

It must have been the very early 1960s when they began having "All Night Concerts" at the Queens Hall. The Y.E.P. had a big splash about the Modernisation of this Iconic building. All i noticed was that someone had filled in the Inspection / Service bays. It was a freezing cold, high roofed place but having some where to go after Pub closing hours was a real novelty. The first Band i remember playing there was Shane Fenton and the Fentones ( later Alvin Stardust). I can't be sure but i think the Beatles were also on farther down the Bill. I do recall taking a girl friend who was a big fan of the U.S. singer Chris Montez over to Bradford and the Fab Four were way down the Bill. There were lots of Bands on for a while and soon it began to lose it's appeal. No Bar and very poor food facilities.
During the day there were Ideal Home Exhibitions, Furniture Sales, Mock Auctions etc.

Some years later it was used again as a Punk/ Rock venue and my Cousin Malcolm who had a Scaffolding Co. got the contract to supply the Stage for each one night show. He not only had to erect the steel tube frame and wooden boards for the actual stage but the Promoter asked him if he would put a tube Barrier around the whole thing to keep the fans back. When the Promoter saw the thing been erected and the sub humans who worked for Mac he said he would pay for them to act as Bouncers / Security whilst the acts were performing. ( As this is many years ago and my Cousin who emigrated to Canada has now deceased, i can say that all this was done for cash in hand.)
The Fans, mainly girls began arriving in the Hall late pm. and many of them it seems would bring a black bin liner with them,go in the Toilets and change into the bin liner, now torn. The rough and ready scaffolders who were now positioned within the barrier and the stage used to have a whale of a time with these girls.
My cousin used to call me to meet him in the Adelphi Pub and then we would go up to the Dragonara Hotel where he would get paid quite a large sum of money, all £1 notes. I just tagged along to make sure no one came up behind him
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Re: Queens Hall - classic rock venue?

Postby taffyboy36 » Sun 27 Jan, 2019 9:00 pm

Blimey, i nearly lived at this venue in the early to mid 80's, shit acoustics, horrendous bogs, terrible food, but i loved it, saw motorhead, saxon, kiss, hawkwind, kiss. i remember seeing black sabbath on the mob rules tour and not being able to hear for three days afterwards!!! happy days, the excitement i felt as you walked in was great, i can also remember when motorhead played the security were taking everyones bullet belts from people!!!
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Postby gill1491s@gmail.com » Thu 21 Mar, 2019 6:58 pm

oldleedsman wrote:What about the Futurama Festival in 1979 and 1980? Joy Division played at the first one. See: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/music/2006/ ... nge_1.html
I remember the Queens Hall in the mid 1970's & going to see Vinegar Joe with my boyfriend. It was freezing all night & neither of us had a coat with us, it was a long cold night. Also we were sat on the cold ground & a couple was making out under a sleeping bag with lots of people around them. I think they got more attention than the band lol.

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