Work on Leeds Bridge.

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Re: Work on Leeds Bridge.

Postby johnnyg » Thu 03 May, 2018 12:13 am

Well captured Leodian, It looks as though they have done away with the steel kerb. On the upside those full-width flags should make for better paths.
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Re: Work on Leeds Bridge.

Postby Leodian » Wed 06 Jun, 2018 9:03 pm

In view of the work seen in the photo that I took on May 1 2018 and posted on May 2 2018 I am confused by what is now seen when I took this photo on June 5 2018 as the very nice new flags seemed to have been covered over with old flags. It has not been easy to see what is going on and also to take photos of the work and when I was there recentlyish it did look as if some tar-like cover was being put over the new flags but it was hard to be sure but it now seems that could have been what happened. What a shame to cover the new laid flags (or have they been removed?).
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