Lower Wortley and WWII

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Lower Wortley and WWII

Postby mhoulden » Sun 18 Feb, 2018 3:54 pm

I was watching the series A House Through Time and it got me wondering. Just over a year ago I bought a house in one of the estates off Whitehall Road near the Dragon (the Kelletts and Lynwoods). As part of the buying process I got a copy of the title deeds which included details of the first people to buy the house. They bought it in the middle of August 1939. According to old maps there was nothing on the site apart from open fields and the odd coal mine before it was built. There were a couple of things I was wondering. First, what was the history of the building of this estate? Leodis only has a single very low quality plan that's too small to read the writing. However I know there will have been sales brochures and such like. The builder of the estate was Robert R. Roberts (Leeds) Limited. The company is now called Roberts Construction Ltd but still has the same company number of 00324024. It's now a dormant subsidiary of Morgan Sindall Plc.

Second, it must have been obvious that WWII was on the way in August 1939. What was it like trying to buy and set up a house back then? Were people rushing to get the sale completed before it was too late? A newly built place would have needed decorating and furnishing. What was that like under wartime conditions?
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Re: Lower Wortley and WWII

Postby hyperion3 » Tue 20 Feb, 2018 11:17 am

Bob Roberts was a director of Lufc, it has been said he was sent by Manny Cussins to sign Brian Clough. He also owned Ringways Motors on Whitehall Rd,and also a restaurant than was on the Whitehall site.

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