Scarcroft Corn Mill ruins.

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Scarcroft Corn Mill ruins.

Postby Leodian » Sun 30 Jul, 2017 7:00 pm

When walking from the intriguing Pompocali site near Hetchell Wood towards the fish ponds by the old Leeds to Wetherby rail track (now a good foot track) you will pass the ruins that remain of Scarcroft Corn Mill/Scarcroft Mill (also known as Scarcroft Water Mill). In information that I've found it said the mill was built in 1810 and in the mid to late 1970s it was abandoned and around 1979 or so some of its stone was sold and the mill was then demolished in 1982. On looking through some old photos I came across these 3 that I took of some of what then remained of the mill on August 30 1985. In my note on the back of the second photo I stated that behind the arch there was what seemed to be where a large upright wheel could have been.

The old colour photos were not the best quality and their scans are less so but I hope they are still acceptable. I probably would never have posted them but to my surprise I have been unable to readily find photos showing features at the mill when it was operating. I would guess there surely must be some but they are not publically available. The site was already overgrown and too dangerous to scramble around it to get better views. Only some stones visibly remain at what is now a very overgrown site, so that there was a building there can easily be missed. There are however still remains standing of a farm that was next to the mill.
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