Psychocraft Hall Headingley

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Psychocraft Hall Headingley

Postby barnie » Thu 23 Mar, 2017 5:02 pm

In the grounds of 63 Headingley Lane, (The Hollies), there is a large wooden structure that looks a bit like a garage or shed. It can be seen from the road but not in great detail, as it has some big trees surrounding it. On looking at old maps this turns out to be quite an old building that goes by the name of Psychocraft Hall. It is just before you get to St Michael's church. Does anyone know anything about its origins or what it was used for?
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Re: Psychocraft Hall Headingley

Postby sparky415 » Mon 27 Mar, 2017 9:15 pm

Do you have a photo??
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Re: Psychocraft Hall Headingley

Postby rikj » Wed 29 Mar, 2017 2:53 pm

As barnie says, it's hard to get a good look at it, will be disappearing behind leaves now. My initial guess would have been that the name is a hangover from Headingley's hippy days, however the name first appears on the 1949 map. A building in that position arrives between the 1921 and 1933 maps.

Interestingly a book called Psychocraft, by a C H Emerson, was published in 1911. I've found no great description of it other than a couple of snippets. On one front cover it is described as:

Psychocraft : Being the Art of Following the Lead of Instinct Which Uses Human Organic Mechanisms with Giant Strength or Ariel Touch to Avert Disaster, Create Genius, Prophetic Insight, or Verify Faith with Superorganic Intuitions :shock: :shock:

It's referred to on a few other web pages, usually regarding precious stones eg:

A unique interpretation of the powers of Aaron’s breastplate is described in a book titled Psychocraft, by C. H. Emerson, published in 1911. According to the author, the Urim and Thummim consisted of 12 stones that were hidden inside the breastplate. Those stones were duplicates of the gemstones engraved with the names of the tribes. When the stones were shaken and then allowed to settle, three of the stones would become visible through a hole in the breastplate. The different combinations of color would serve as pre-arranged answers to questions asked of the oracle.

Whether there is any connection between the hall and the book I've no idea, but there was a certain amount of interest in the occult in that time, so it's a possible link.
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Re: Psychocraft Hall Headingley

Postby barnie » Mon 03 Apr, 2017 10:34 am

Many thanks for the information on Psychocraft Rikj. I wonder if the building had any other use before 1949 or if it was a different building altogether.

To try to describe it to you sparky415, it is rectangular, about the size of a double garage and made of wood. At the back there is a corrugated metal add-on which perhaps could be a small separate room to the 'hall'. It looks like there is at least one window on one side and there is also a sort of round/celtic-type cross at the front, on the roof. It is best seen from the top deck of a bus.

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