Lost Eating Establishments of Leeds

Bunkers, shelters and other buildings
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Belushi's did a fantastic burrito, and a great piece of blueberry pie to follow. The drink of choice was Budweiser Budvar. I loved this place. I believe it had to close because of a threatened lawsuit by John Belushi's widow or someone, who wanted to open a Blues Brothers Café in London. A massive loss to Leeds but hey, #memories
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Postby harrym1byt » Sun 09 Jul, 2017 1:34 pm

jim wroteColontyke bhoy wrote: Steve266 wrote: Hi JimIt was built around 1967 I thinkSteve A bit Earlier A, B and C blocks are in this 1964 photo on Leodishttp://www.leodis.org/display.asp ... 8662966The crane is presumably there for the construction of D block now Calverley Building.Kitson appears to have been built around the same time being in this 1965 photo http://www.leodis.org/display.aspx?reso ... 0_12426394 There you go Leodian, your memory is fine! (Mine isn't, I'd confused it with Kitson!)

So far as I recall the new build began as Kitson. I went there the day it opened. As I remember its opening was delayed by a few weeks, which we spent at the Mechanics Institute next door, now a museum. That would mean the building was erected and opened around 1963 - 1964 (probably the latter). I also did a more recent C&G course at Kitson in 1997, by which it might have had another name - around the same time (1997) I also attended Leeds Poly on a specialised course.

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