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Treadstone71 wrote:When abouts did this explosion take place.I just about remember a serious fire there, which may have been the result of an explosion. Will have been sometime between 80 and 85 as I was at Lower Wortley school at the time. I remember it being one night and all the local roads were closed. People from nearby houses were evacuated so I presume there was risk of explosions or chemicals had been released.

I was stationed at Stanks Fire Station and we attended that fire.
I remember hitting a fairly small fire above my head with a water jet, it made the fire more intense, similar to a fire cracker, I retreated.
In the early morning when the fire was out, all the crews were 'decontaminated', stripped naked, hosed down and taken to the LGI wearing plimsolls and a paper gown for a checkup. Some clerk in the West Yorkshire Fire Service Purchasing Dept, didn't realize that feet were different sizes. So we all had size 8 with the backs cut out. The Appliances were taken to be decontaminated and our personal belongings, including keys etc went with them. My milkman had to give me a leg up, to get into the house, not a pretty sight!
We were never told what chemicals were involved in the fire, but as is standard practice in the WYFS, a record was kept of all the personnel who attended.

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