Leeds Lost Schools

Bunkers, shelters and other buildings
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Re: Leeds Lost Schools

Postby Jastall1 » Sun 16 Sep, 2018 11:20 am

Anybody recall woodhouse secondary on wood house st next to craven road ? Attended 64-70 mr glucksman headteacher ??? Not woodhouse grove there was a woodhouse junior
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Re: Leeds Lost Schools

Postby iansmithofotley » Sun 16 Sep, 2018 5:59 pm

Hi Jastall1,

I remember Woodhouse Secondary School on Woodhouse Street and Woodhouse Junior School on Jubilee Terrace, a short distance away. I was brought up In Eltham Terrace (1946 - 1958) which was a few hundred yards along Woodhouse Street towards Hyde Park. I didn't go to either of these schools. I went to Quarry Mount Infants and Junior School from 1950 until 1957.

The funny thing is, although I lived in the area during this period and knew lots of people, I can only remember two friends that went to the 'Woodhouse' schools, Arthur Tighe and Wyndham Foster (both lived in the Jubilee Streets). Most of my mates went to the Quarry Mount Schools and then on to Blenheim Secondary School, Leeds Modern School or the Central High School, depending on whether or not they passed their 11+ Scholarship Exams.

I did not know Mr Glucksman but a few months ago, I came across his daughter, Valerie Baum, who now lives in Israel, on a Facebook site, when she was asking for help. She told me that her father was very involved with junior football teams in Leeds and was quite well known.

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Re: Leeds Lost Schools

Postby kevcrossley » Sun 06 Jan, 2019 1:42 pm

Hi all, I'm new to the forum, and it's been really interesting looking through the pages!
I've been trying to find information/ images or recollections about my old primary school for years, but as I've had absolutely no luck I wondered if anyone here might remember it: Stanningley Primary School was split across 2 sites; (school years 1 and 2 in one building, years 3 to 5 in the second.) The first building, on Gladstone Terrace, off Stanningley Town Street is still there but was converted into flats (in the 1980's?) The second building was further along Town Street, just past the Vicarage and opposite the Waggon & Horses pub. It was demolished in the early 1980's and offices now occupy the site.

I started at Stanningley Primary (Gladstone Terrace) in autumn 1976, moving to the larger site in autumn 1978. I only remember my first teacher's name from '76/ 77; Mrs Sawdon, and the teacher I had for my final 2 years, from 1979 to 1981; Mr Robinson.
During the final term of 1981, which was also my final year, the school celebrated the 100th anniversary of the school with a fantastic outdoor party. My friend and I put tables and chairs from the classrooms outside in the playground, and the kids from the little school came to join the festivities. A photograph and feature about it was in one of the evening newspapers (Yorkshire evening Post?) and the photo had my little sister in it! I'm pretty sure this might have been the last day of school too. After that summer I left for middle school and Stanningley Primary School was closed and relocated to a new building next to the park, opposite the Halfway House pub.

I've been trying to find information about the teachers who worked at the old school, as well as the layout of the classrooms and halls etc. If anyone attended the school/s during the 1960's/ 70's or has any information I'd be so grateful. Thanks!
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Re: Leeds Lost Schools

Postby wheatearse » Wed 09 Jan, 2019 5:07 pm

I too went to that building college around 81 ish it must have been Cross Green Primary or something at a guess, but there will be someone on here that will know exactly its name.
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Re: Leeds Lost Schools

Postby CycaHa » Sat 12 Jan, 2019 2:15 pm

I went to Coldcotes School (Infants) 1948 for a couple of years. My first school at which I remember more than anything the sultanas in the semolina! To this day I am repulsed by sutanas and pick them out of Xmas cake.

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