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Re: POW Camps in Leeds

Posted: Sun 17 Mar, 2019 9:39 am
by Pudseyonline
When I was many years younger my friends and I used to play on this site at the top of post hill - running round the doorways and corridors of this concrete building or two

was set in a semi circle and the middle of a farmers field - we couldn't spend long there as we were always in fear of the farmer shooting us - as you had to cross the fence to get to it but we always knew it was here.

I fly drones now for photography and recently took a picture from the air as wouldn't jump the fence now I know better.
Its almost fully covered over by soil now

Its a shame the POW camp is almost unheard of now and post hill is hidden under overgrown trees, used to be visible from all over Pudsey as a yellow stone roaman road/hill.

Many happy memories

ps ill post the photo as soon as i find it- its not great a photo as it was many years ago before cameras in drones became amazing i might revisit and take another photo

Re: POW Camps in Leeds

Posted: Sun 17 Mar, 2019 9:57 am
by Pudseyonline
post hill pow.JPG
POW Camp No 91 Italian and German Prisoners
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