Fearnville House on Dibb Lane

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Re: Fearnville House on Dibb Lane

Postby TheUrbanDivision » Tue 06 Dec, 2016 4:59 pm

Thanks for that I entirely understand what you mean about the attic!
I haven't been around there recently as I've mainly been focused on the recent spree of demolishing all of the derelict buildings including the old bank on Harrogate road, Gledhow Grove mansion, the old hospital building and the old Oak Villa care home on the border with Potternewton park. However, aside from a few things I have to do, I'm completely free at the weekend so I shall probably venture to take a walk down there at some point to see what's going on.
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Re: Fearnville House on Dibb Lane

Postby J4nrm » Wed 26 Apr, 2017 3:53 pm

This house backs on to our back garden and we're absolutely fascinated by it. LizandDavid please can you post some photo of how your flat looked back in the day. All I can do is look over our garden fence as i'm too scared to go inside (and really glad i haven't looking at the photos of the interior now). It definitely has an eerie feel to it looking at it at night from our spare room window!
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Re: Fearnville House on Dibb Lane

Postby tilly » Wed 26 Apr, 2017 7:48 pm

Welcome to S/L J4nrm.
No matter were i end my days im an Hunslet lad with Hunslet ways.
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Re: Fearnville House on Dibb Lane

Postby mrpeeps » Tue 09 May, 2017 10:53 pm

Just wanted to add a little that I know regarding Fearnville House , unsure if it has been mentioned previously. An application was lodged to redevelop this old grade 2 listed house back in 2012. From what I recall it was to re-establish 4 flats plus an additional making 5.... along with several (6) semi detached houses within the grounds. With access via fearnville close as access from Dib Lane was deemed inappropriate for vehicles. This was subsequently withdrawn early in 2013 due to numerous factors including an objection on the grounds the premises would need a long period of observation for Bats , along with a major objection from the coal board who stated previous mine workings could not be ruled out as shallow coal was observed in previous geological studies and to top it off a further rejection from the highways dept as Fearnville Close would have to be made a one way system and restrictions due to the entrance width meant the number of dwellings was unsustanable. All of which I think would have probably proved too expensive on top of the renovations and building.
This may be a bit sketchy , but its of what I recall at the time.
I was also following a thread a while back regarding Asket Hall and numerous questions regarding the confusion between 'the grange' and 'fearnville house' , I uncovered a map from 1856 clearly showing the location of Fearnville House and The Grange 'house' slightly down the road , along with a couple of others , one where the medical centre / old peoples home now stands and another also known as fearnville lodge ( also called rosewood lodge or something similar ) located approxiametly where the shops are on the corner of Dibb Lane and Oakwood lane

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Re: Fearnville House on Dibb Lane

Postby mrpeeps » Wed 10 May, 2017 1:42 am

Looking over my last post .... Dib Lane had ( mapped 1856 ) ... from the bottom ...
GRANGE COTTAGE .... the site now adjacent to wyke beck where turnbull care home stands and the old doctors surgery ( now some kind of chiropractors )
Then ...
THE GRANGE ... approximately where The Orchard PH ( formally The Grange ph )
ARTHURS REIN ... Bog / Marsh land in between The Grange and Fearneville House ( aka Fearneville Hall , citation public England , grade II listed building)
FEARNEVILLE , not noted as Fearneville house or hall ( c1856 )
ROSE COTTAGE : now retail outlets on dib lane / oakwood lane junction ( this was later noted as Fearneville Farm c1894 )

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