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Postby magic » Thu 08 Mar, 2007 7:12 pm

Just wondering if anyone can remember the School which stood on the site of the new St James Oncology unit on Beckett Street. I have been trying to locate any pictures on Leodis without success. I went to the school in the mid 80’s when it was Lincoln Green Primary before it closed. Over the road a bit further down there was a small brick wall with some type of entrance but I have never found out what was built on this site. Any info anyone?
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Postby jojo » Fri 09 Mar, 2007 12:32 am

yes i know what was there i wondered about the wall last yr so did a search on leodis, found this, hope this help. on leodis to see thr pic, put in vicar lane coz thats where the first one was number 34 is the one u want ok, Laugh

23 January 1905 Before health care became the responsibility of government, local or national, charities made some provision for medical aid. In Leeds a house of recovery on Vicar Lane would take in victims of infectious diseases. In the 19th century as population increased, the insanitary overcrowded living conditions contributed to outbreaks of disease. The larger house of recovery seen here was built in 1846, in what was then a rural area, patients brought in were isolated in an attempt to arrest the spread of infection, by the 1880s the facilities were inadequate, the recovery house was replaced by Seacroft Hospital.

Undated. The building opened in 1846 as a fever hospital. It is surrounded by iron railings and a small stone wall. The street in front is paved with stone sets.
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Postby jojo » Fri 09 Mar, 2007 12:33 am

ill try and help looking for a pic about the school. at moment i dont know.

i now remember the school you mean. it was knocked down yrs ago and a car park replaced it. now the new hospital building.
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Postby Tony » Sun 18 Mar, 2007 8:11 pm

Beckett Street Primary was my first school.

Outside toilets, anyone?

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